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Mix Moore delivers a range of concrete solutions that include:

Domestic Concrete:

Whether you are laying a path or a driveway, or building a garden wall or a fence post, we would always provide you with the right Domestic Concrete mix. Don’t know which strength of concrete suits the project? Don’t worry. You just have to reach us and discuss your needs. Help is just a call away.

At Mix Moore, we are committed to meeting customer requirements to the utmost. Our trained professionals carry a wealth of industry knowledge to offer help and advice to wind up your project on time and within budget. The concrete is mixed on site so the perfect blend can be assured without a mess. With us by your side, it is never too less, never too much.

Commercial Concrete:

Mix Moore is also a Commercial Concrete specialist. Over the years, we have supplied concrete for diverse commercial purposes across industries. Our on-site mixing technique makes it certain that you get the exact concrete you require in the desired proportion. Look forward to superior, long lasting finish, which scores high on the quality meter.

We understand undertaking commercial projects requires prompt response and absolute reliability from our end. To fit into your timescale and budget we employ highly trained people who hold years of experience in handling projects of various sizes. Our work is coordinated with developers and builders throughout the project so the service and product can be tailored and the progress remains smooth.

Ready Mix Concrete:

Over ordering can upset your project budget. This is why Mix Moore provides Ready Mix Concrete. With our innovative digital metered Volumetric mixer, concrete delivery happens under controlled conditions. Waste is eliminated, meaning no more payloads or disposal costs. Your project stays on track and you end up paying for only what you use. Isn’t that cost effective?

We at Mix Moore also offer barrowing service for projects where the truck cannot reach or pumping isn’t feasible. The concrete is quickly barrowed to the location where it is needed to be placed. Meanwhile, this saves you the time and effort.

Volumetric Vs Barrels:

Estimating the amount of concrete for your project can be confusing. One wrong move and the expenses could go haywire. Either there could be a shortage or an over-order. This is why you need to depend on the experts. At Mix Moore, our volumetric mixers help solve this problem by providing on-site mixing of concrete. This is way better than using Barrel-type mixers, where the raw materials are blended at a secluded plant.

The Volumetric mixers we use can carry up to 10 cubic meters of concrete, which is nearly double the amount a conventional Barrel mixer can carry. Also, the former allows using the precise amount of ingredients and adjusting the relevant ratios. Wastage is kept at bay and cost is controlled without cutting corners.

Types of Concrete:

Our most common concrete mixes include:

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